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Selling a Business 

Our main purpose is to help buyers and sellers connect. As Business Advisors, we help buyers buy and sellers sell. In addition to the traditional independent businesses, we can also sell Internet related businesses and certain franchise businesses. On this "Biz Sell" webpage, we are speaking to the seller, but buyers will surely gain good insights into how we help sellers navigate the business sale. 

Biz Sell:  10 Steps to a Successful Sale
An invitation to work with us

Selling a business is a challenging endeavor. It can be a long and laborious process, or it can be a relatively simple transaction if you do your research, get the right advice and cover all the basics. We've created this section to help sellers see what the sales process looks like from our perspective and involvement. Our goal is to make the complex process of selling a business a little easier on everyone, but at the same time; more structured and informed. We invite you to work with us. 


This site is managed by Sheila Hansen, a trained Business Advisor and Franchise Consultant covering Sevier/Blount/Knox County and surrounding areas here in East Tennessee. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally on the essentials of selling or buying a business, valuing a business, and the process itself. You may call me at our offices anytime or use the Contact form at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

Smoky Mountain Shopkeepers

As your business advisor/broker, the first thing in our how to sell your business strategy is to analyze your operation, finances, market potential and trends. We take that information and generate a business profile that represents your company in the most attractive way possible.

1. Comprehensive Business Analysis

We identify the best possible price range to sell your company, based on solid facts, the market conditions, projected growth, sales potential, and the sale of similar businesses within your industry. The price must not be too high or too low. Yet, it must represent an attractive investment potential.

We advertise your business for sale!

3. We Confidentially Network The Sale

4. We Confidentially Advertise Your Biz To Buyers

2. We Structure The Sale

During the selling process, we utilize the latest technology to present your company to other business brokers and strategic buyers all over the world. This greatly multiplies the effort in your favor. 

Our aggressive marketing program ensures your confidentiality and provides maximum exposure for your company. Your listing is placed in various industry databases, Internet sites, and publications which are constantly updated. We spend more money in advertising and marketing for buyers than anyone else in our industry.

5. We Control The Information Flow

We organize all necessary documentation and release information only as needed. We use limited information when advertising to maintain confidentiality. Buyers are pre-qualified and required to execute a confidentiality agreement before receiving any sensitive information concerning the sale.

6. We Create Competition For Your Company

We attract thousands of buyers, creating competition for your business. Buyers are qualified for financial ability to meet the offer. We will then reduce that number to only the most qualified buyers. Once you meet the best of the buyers, we urge them to prepare and present all offers. Many times, a negotiation is doomed to fail because of lack of proper qualifying. As your business broker, we can also approach and continue to track potential buyers without weakening your position.

We provide support through the sales process!

7. We Negotiate For You To Achieve The Best Price

Appropriate and fair negotiation is crucial to achieving your best price and terms. We have the expertise to establish sound and resourceful negotiating techniques on your behalf. Never negotiate without planning, expertise, or from a position of weakness. 

8. We Provide Exceptional Support To You Through The Due Diligence

We take pride in our exceptional service. Only half of the job is finding the right buyer who will pay your price and meet your terms. The other half is getting that buyer to the closing table. We quarterback the deal, work with the accountants, lawyers, banks, landlords, and other third parties that could jeopardize the success of the transaction.

We realize that you depend on us to guide you through the sale of your business. We make the transition simple and easy for you. We know when an opportunity for you may arise and are always there to take advantage of it. We also know when someone is trying to kill your deal or is being unreasonable and how to handle those situations.

9. We Are There From The Beginning To The Closing

We help manage all administrative procedures, licenses, inventory counts and lease assignments that may be required. Transworld works closely with your advisors to ensure a smooth transition. Using the latest technology, we strive to be ready to work on your behalf to get the deal done!

10. We Are There For The Transitional Phase And Beyond!

Because we are in the business community, you may want to consult us at any time after the sale. We will provide you with any assistance you may require after the closing. Transworld will always remain in your corner! Get in touch with us today! 

Business Concepts We Love to Sell

Are you ready to sell your business? This is a difficult decision, we know. But if you are ready, we invite you to work with us. We would be honored if you choose us to list your business. You have the business, we have the buyers. Please do not delay, get in touch with us today using our Contact form at the bottom of this webpage. 



Casual Dining

Fast Food

Bar & Grill

Pizza Parlor

Sub Shop

BBQ & Wings

Ice Cream

Coffee Shop


Catering Service

Food & Grocery 

Specialty Foods

Retail franchise


Specialty Retail



Gift Shop/Boutique

Art/Craft/Floral Shops

CBD Shop

Promotional Items





Sign Shop

Internet Retail

Lumberjack Tree Service business


Lawn & Landscape

Tree Service (lumberjack)

Barber Shop

Beauty Salon

Senior Care

Medical Services


Maid/Butler Service

Employment Service

Delivery Service

Wedding & Events

Mobile Drug Testing

Pest Control

Pet Services

Fitness Franchise

More Services


Fitness Center

Weight Loss & Wellness

Travel Services

Business Broker

Media & Marketing

Education & Training



Trade Industries


Gold & Silver Buyer


Internet Services

Cabin Rental in Smoky Mountains





Cabin Rental 


RV Parks

Vacation Rentals

Country Inn

Bed & Breakfast

As you can see by the long attractions list

in the next section,

the Smoky Mountains is home to lots of fun entertainment and exciting adventures!

Tired of what you're doing now? Let us sell your business so you can start another! 

Live Music Show in Smoky Mountains


Live Entertainment


Dinner Shows

Music/Tribute Shows


Moonshine (obviously)


Shooting Gallery

Jeep/4 Wheeler Rental

Amusement Rides

Golf or Mini Golf

Horse Riding Stables

Sporting Adventures

Animal Adventures

Water Adventures

Winter Adventures

Mountain Adventures

Bi-Plane/Helicopter Tours


....and more!

Advantages of using a business advisor / franchise consultant to guide you through the selling and negotiation process
Leverage the inside knowledge of our consultant services- which can save you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation. We teach you what buyers are looking for in a business, our goal is to pre-qualify the buyer and not waste your time. We know what questions to ask, and we have a system to help guide you through the sales process. When you work with us, you have our undivided attention and we have your best interests at heart. Sellers who try the 'for sale by owner' route often end up under-valuing their business and turning down low-ball offers. We practice fair negotiations. You could miss important details that our systems uncover during our business evaluation and buyer screening process. We have many resources to further assist you through the sales process, including 3rd party funding options for potential buyers, CPA and transaction lawyer referrals, as well as important local resources. Call us.

Please contact us using the contact form below! 

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