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Web Content Packages

We will provide you with well-researched content for your website or blog in the form of articles, blog posts, or other web content.  It's challenging enough to keep up with the daily demands of running a business, who has time to write?  That's why we offer a supplemental add-on web content service in addition to our social media services.  


Article size will vary depending on the topic.  We will ask for the freedom to decide which articles are shorter and which are longer, but we won't mind if you want each piece to be a uniform length.  We may have one article containing 250 words, one with 500,  one with 750, and one with 1000 words, but we will always have a minimum number of words per month based on your package choice.  We will also include 1-4 images per post as needed, and we will even create short social media posts for sharing your new blog post or article.


We'll work with you to understand your specific content needs based on your current marketing goals for your business.  It's simple and easy to get started.   


Web Content Strategy

Tailored for your marketing goals


Web Content Development

Articles, Blogs, Website Content - any combination  

Varied mix of 250-1000 word pieces of content

Up to 4 images as needed | SEO & Keyword focused


Web Content Posting

Text & Images provided - you post

Or - we post as Website Admin w/permissions


Social Media Shareables for Web Content

Development of social media posts for each content

piece for sharing on any of these platforms

Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | LinkedIn 


Optional Social Media Posts*

Add-on 30 Social Media posts per month

Any combination - ready to share

Twitter | | Facebook | Pinterest | LinkedIN


Phone and Email Support

Fast and friendly service


Editing & Re-do's

We will edit or re-do any of our content upon request.  

Posts are approved first, then submitted for posting


Service Guarantee

Since we ask for pre-approval - we offer a

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Service


No Contracts

Our services are billed in advance

on a month-to-month basis



  Packages include all the benefits

and features listed above


Web Starter:  4 content pieces per month  $199

2500-3000 words per month maximum


Active Web:   8 content pieces per month  $379

5000-6000 words per month maximum


Web Driving Force:

12 content pieces per month  $499

7500-9000 words per month maximum


*Optional Social Media Post Add-on Package:

30 Social Media posts per month $99


We offer written and visual content that educates people about your brand and inspires them to take an action or informs them about industry-related news to engage their interest. We incorporate content from your website in addition to developing original content for your brand.


We also provide a social media post add-on service because we believe it's important to have fresh content posted on a consistent basis to develop brand awareness and engage customers. 


Web content can be professional biz speak, promotional, product-related, humorous, serious, adventurous, exciting, encouraging, championing, or educational in nature.  We'll help you decide on what type of content mix works for your business marketing goals.


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