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Social Media Services

You manage your own social media platforms, but you're running out of ideas. We can help you with these and other marketing goals for your business.   


Social Media Content Strategy

Tailored for your marketing goals


Social Media Slicked Out

Any social network combination:  

Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | LinkedIn

We'll slick out your social media pages, making them look great with beautiful images, we'll make you more searchable by turning on all the right options, and adding all the right keywords.  We will come to you, this will take about 4 hours. If it needs to take longer, simply purchase another package. This is a great service for small businesses here in Sevier County, Tennessee.

Phone and Email Support

Fast and friendly service


Service Guarantee

Since we are with you when we're doing the work,

and we ask for your approval -

we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Service



  Packages include all the benefits

and features listed above


Social Starter:  4 hours:  $99


Active Social:   4-8 hours per month:  $189


Social Driving Force:

12-16 hours per month:  $279


*Optional Blog Post Add-on:

4 blog posts per month $199


On an as needed/requested basis, at an additional charge, we offer written and visual content that educates people about your brand and inspires them to take an action or informs them about industry-related news to engage their interest. We incorporate content from your website in addition to developing original content for your brand.


We also provide a blog-post add-on service because we believe it's important to have fresh, shareable content that comes directly from your website.  This might be in addition to what you're already producing, or it might replace what you're doing entirely.  


Social content can be professional biz speak, promotional, product-related, humorous, serious, adventurous, exciting, encouraging, championing, or educational in nature.  We'll help you decide on what type of content mix works best for your business marketing goals.


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