How to use Social Media for Business

Social Media icons - which one works for you?

These are just a few of the social media platforms available for business professionals to use as part of their marketing efforts and work. We'll discuss the purpose these 5 main social media platforms and give you reasons and methods for using them to your advantage.

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TWITTER: Wassup? Twitter is about what's happening right now. Tie your business to current events, trending topics, something entertaining, educational or information-related that's in the news now - or make the news! Initiate conversation with other Twitter users you follow or who might be interested in your content (not necessarily your business - focus on the content at hand to provide immediate value and curiosity). Content can be in the form of text, or text with images/videos/GIFs, and may or may not include a link.

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FACEBOOK: Story-telling. Build your brand through telling stories. Stories about how your product or service works, how it's helped or can help someone, Use text, visual content (images) and/or video to tell your stories. Small businesses without a big advertising budget can create their own short videos on a mobile device and upload it right to Facebook or YouTube. KEEP VIDEOS SHORT - best length is 15-30 seconds, really! Put your logo or branding information in the first 3 seconds and let the rest be pure entertainment and fun or informational and instructional. Nobody wants to hear you talk about how great you are for half a minute - they want to be informed, educated or entertained!

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PINTEREST: Images, images, images. Rich, long, tall, beautiful images. Participate in the aspirations of your customer by pinning images that create an emotional response. Images that are instructional and interesting will naturally create curiosity about who you are and these users will start following your Pinterest Boards. I would like to point you to an excellent set of case studies and examples provided by Pinterest for your consideration. Consider which example might work best for your business and start implementing your strategy right away. Or, of source, you may contact us here at Capital Encounter so we can help you become an established Pinterest Pinner!

LINKEDIN: When you think of LinkedIn, think business, B2B (business-to-business) opportunities, a professional platform to connect with other professionals and individuals who share your interests. Create a professional LinkedIn profile for you and your employees and use LinkedIn not so much as a Resume (unless you're looking for a job), but more as an advertisement for what you do for your company. Of course we can help you write a professional LinkedIn profile in addition to offering social media posting services and web content.

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INSTAGRAM: There are a number of ways business professionals use Instagram to connect with their audience. There's the personal account that lets you have a little fun with photography and short videos while putting your creativity and personality on display for your customers to see, it personalizes you and your brand. Then there's the method of offering inspiring, motivating, and encouraging quotes with beautiful background images. Instagram says you can "inspire people visually with your business story". How does that work? Use imagery to capture the essence of your brand. No matter what your business does, there's a way to make it cool, beautiful, inspiring, useful, informative, instructive, edgy, catchy, fun and/or exciting on Instagram!

Conclusion: Social Media is creating a real ROI - return on investment - for almost every type of business imaginable. People are seeing sales increases of between 5% and 500%. Advertisers are seeing a much lower cost of customer acquisition, conversion and retention. Sometimes it will be measurable, other times it is not... but you know. You can see it in the traffic, in the phone calls to your business, in the comments from your walk-in customers, in your bank account, and in the reactions happening online.

A well-maintained social media presence, updated on a regular basis with quality, well thought-out content, will produce results. You can take that to the bank. We would like to help you become an established presence on social media. We'll figure out which platform or platforms should work well for your business and we'll get to work on it so you can see results sooner and later. Give us a call - we would love to chat!

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